Audio CD's and Video DVD's are available to be delivered to you upon request. Please contact Pastor Jared 724-252-8080

The President and government authorities recently released this guidance regarding COVID19 (Coronavirus)

To summarize for us, over the next two weeks they are asking us to take certain drastic steps to help save

lives in regards to the Coronavirus. Important elements of this and other directives are the following:

  • Stay Home as much as possible (especially those over 70 or with 

         underlying conditions like heart and lung disease)

  • To avoid social gatherings of more than 10 people

  • To practice “Social distancing.”

Authorities are communicating that this is very serious for those 70 and older and that we ought to follow their instructions to save lives and not overwhelm the hospitals. In response to these directives, along with many other churches in our area, including our sister churches in the Presbyterian Church in America, our elders decided to heed their pleas and that
  we are not going to be meeting at the church building on Sunday for worship and instead we are moving worship to the homes.

We are not going to have musicians or other elders meet, in order to do as much as possible to follow these directives, so we will provide to you by video a sermon.
Here is where to find the video and order of worship for Sunday:
Our Facebook Page 
Our Youtube Channel 

If you need a DVD of the sermon, or help understanding how to watch or listen to it, please contact the pastor at 724-252-8080.

We will also provide a guide to conduct worship in the home there or by email. If you have multiple people in your house, the head of the household should lead the others in reading out loud the Scripture, Confession of Faith and Sin, a familiar hymn or two, and open prayer time, before playing the sermon. We will make this as simple to follow as possible. After the sermon, there are questions to help discuss and digest the sermon.

This will be a new experience for all. And it will feel a bit strange. But hang in there, most Christians in the area are feeling the same thing in these next few weeks.

Again, we take these measures not out of fear, but love of neighbor. Doctors are saying that our over 70 population is particularly at risk, and so younger members should practice social distancing so as to protect and help not spread the virus to our elder saints. We are to seek to preserve our lives and the lives of others as part of our Christian duty. Even as the young seem to have less severe symptoms to this virus, they can be carriers to those who are high risk. Please, pray for our church and session at this time that we would make decisions based on love and wisdom and not fear or foolish pride. We will keep you updated, but expect this through at least the two week window for Sunday March 22 and March 29.


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